Let’s get this started with something fun. A “new,” actually it’s already been aired for a season in Australia, cartoon debuted this last Saturday called Shezow. Some are suggesting the main character, Guy, is transgender. Guy inherits, accidentally, superpowers from his grandmother which should have probably gone to his sister. When his powers kick in, his gender presentation switches to female. His sister helps him navigate the unfamiliar terrain in which he finds himself.   The creator of the cartoon does not feel that the character is transgender. I’m curious what you think. Is this a coded transgender character? Is it the all too familiar joke about awkward men in dresses? Is it a pride building kids show about the power and beauty of being different? Or is it something else entirely.

How willing would a cis person be to live significant part of their lives, if not the coolest parts, with the wrong gender presentation?

I am including links to some interesting takes on the subject:

The creator’s interview